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Vision, Mission & Values


1. To provide integrated consulting and technology solutions that sustain and develop our environmental system.



2. To be the agents of change in research and development in introducing long-term environmental solutions that deal with today’s environmental issues and anticipate future challenges.



3. To discharge our responsibility and obligation as a corporate citizen to our community as an effort to collectively save the environment from deterioration and preserve our shared ecosystem.



4. To maintain existing relationships with local and international partners and foster new ones to produce value that is dispensed for the welfare of communities everywhere.


Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Center in Saida, Lebanon







AIWPS Wastewater Treatment project at Ein Harsha, the Lebanese Beqaa Valley


Sustainable Environmental Development

 About Us


Established in 1993 by Hamzi Moghrabi, IBC INC. is a consulting engineering company focusing on environmental solutions in the Middle East with particular interest in improving environmental conditions and promoting sustainable development.  

Enabling decision makers and stakeholders to function with greater effectiveness and capability on environmental issues, IBC provides services that range from setting environmental strategies, environmental research and benchmarking, to implementation of engineering technology and project management in waste water, solid waste, hospital waste and slaughter house waste. 


    Commitment to Environmental Sustainability..



IBC is well positioned to address the environmental demands of your community as an obligation of today’s enterprise to embrace this community’s Sustainable Development.   

Our commitment to the local communities is to bring forward the latest suitable solutions and technologies to aid each municipality in building its own delivery capability to support its residents. IBC INC. has partnered with local and international environmental solutions experts, and was part of developing new technologies. We aim to be support the network of local communities in the region.  

IBC adopts the most suitable methods that agree and comply with international standards, social acceptance, quality control of MSW/Wastewater residue and economic sustainability with the utmost protection for the environment.




  • Environmental Management Strategy/Visioning
  • Municipal  Solid Waste Collection, Separation & Treatment
  • Hospital, Hazardous & Slaughterhouse Waste Treatment
  • Recycling: Value of Recovered Materials
  • Community Awareness & Outreach Programs
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Laws & Regulations
  • Project Management




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